Sobre Python y los SIG

Lo dijo James Fee:

You wouldn’t jump from space without a parachute and you sure as hell don’t want to “do GIS” without Python.

Y para Rematar:

Look, either embrace change or be replaced. The idea that you’ll sit at some desk, string together ArcGIS Toolbox wizards doesn’t end well. This only results in you getting paid minimum wage with no where to go. The reality of the world we are in is the only thing you have to separate yourself from the 7 billion other people in the world is your flexibility and skills. If you don’t stand out, you’ll be nothing but a chair moistener in sector 7g.

En conclusión, si trabajas en SIG con ArcGIS y no sabes python, probablemente estás desperdiciando una gran oportunidad.  (O en otras palabras, los wizards son muy prácticos pero bastante limitados para “tareas reales” de un analista SIG.



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