Mapa Zonas Veredales Transitorias de Normalización Acordadas con las FARC

Mapa Zonas Veredales Transitorias de Normalización Acordadas con las FARC



Look Mom, No Data! (… or … “creating maps without data”)

One of the amazing capabilities of the brand new CartoDB’s Data Observatory  is that you can create and analyze information even without data.  For the following example we are going to create the “Median Age Map” for Las Vegas Strip.

Firstly, you need the boundaries for “Las Vegas Strip”. You can create a new table using a sql like this:

create table vegas_census_tracts as
FROM OBS_GetBoundariesByGeometry(
ST_MakeEnvelope(-115.145958,36.143978, -115.18087,36.07098, 4326),

Then, you must cartodbfy your table:

select cdb_cartodbfytable(‘your_user’, ‘vegas_census_tracts’);

Add a new column to store the median age values:

alter table vegas_census_tracts add column median_age numeric;

And update the new column using data from “Data Observatory“:

UPDATE vegas_census_tracts
SET median_age =
OBS_GetMeasure( st_centroid(the_geom), ‘us.census.acs.B01002001’);

And voila!. Now you can create a new map using Cartodb’s Editor:

Make up? Easy with the new  “Color Test Bed“.