Tras la Pista de los Dineros Públicos – Mapa de Contratación Pública

12 ago

Tras la Pista de los Dineros Públicos – Mapa de Contratación Pública

Los Artistas Internacionales de Rock al Parque 2014 (Mapa Interactivo)

8 ago
Rock al Parque 2014 - Artistas Internacionales

Rock al Parque 2014 – Artistas Internacionales

Mapa del Festival de Verano Bogotá 2014

6 ago
Mapa del Festival de Verano Bogotá 2014

Mapa del Festival de Verano Bogotá 2014

Sobre AWS y el Cuadro de Gartner…

15 may

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It is a well-known fact that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is dominating the cloud computing industry. In fact, the lead is so large that Gartner had to rescale the magic quadrant just to fit the other vendors on the grid along with AWS when they published their analysis late in 2013.


The blog is dead, long live the blog

15 may

The blog is dead, long live the blog

Palabras sabias de reflexión: Qué debo tener en cuenta para iniciar un proyecto SIG (Sistema de Información Geográfica) en el 2014

14 may


Tomado de Starting a GIS :

If you are starting a GIS please consider the following:

  • Decide what data you need. Does it exist already? Do you need to go out and collect it? Can you collect it or do you need to hire someone to do it.
  • Look at your software needs. How much do you want to spend. Look at open source. Look at the commercial stuff. Can you mix and stretch those dollars just a bit more than you think? BTW – you can mix and match. All you need is a process.
  • Budget – Budget for a year. Budget for two. Then Budget for five. Budget like this might be successful. Look at your software also. Are you going to spend enough on software you could hire someone else? It happens. That’s a huge argument (for me) for mixing in open source. Jobs. Hiring someone does more for your community than paying more money for software.

It’s 2014. Software doesn’t have to be from one vendor. Your entire GIS setup doesn’t have to be a mono-culture. Servers (think cloud (another word I hate)) are cheaper than they ever have been. Pick the right software and you don’t have to spend a fortune on a workstation. Worry about your data. If you spend more time worry about your software than letting your data work for you you are doing it wrong.

Tomado de Starting a GIS


A “new” definition of “user friendly map”

13 may


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